Colruyt Nieuwpoort

You know you are at the seaside by just looking at the Colruyt store in Nieuwpoort. This is owed to its former mayor Roland Crabbe. He liked the typical coastal architecture, which he calls the Southampton style.

With sloping roofs and painted plasterwork, we integrate our store into the surroundings.

Expansion manager Nico Dewaele takes you through the project.

  • Takeover of an existing supermarket
  • Atypical new Colruyt building, Southampton style integrated into its surroundings
  • Close cooperation with the city

In figures

Jowan, you're not going to turn it into a biscuit jar, are you? Make sure it fits into its surroundings. Just look at the other side, the Southampton style

Johan Vanassche of Paret2-architects from Dadizele quotes Roland Crabbe, then mayor of Nieuwpoort

Scarce space

Nieuwpoort undergoes a remarkable undulating movement between the low and high seasons. The small town of about 10,000 inhabitants grows into a solid centre town in winter and has 100,000 temporary residents and visitors in summer. We wanted to serve them with a practical supermarket. But space is scarce and it took some searching. Between Nieuwpoort-Stad and Nieuwpoort-Bad we found suitable location. There was a supermarket there that we were able to buy.


For the first two years, we operated a CoMarket in the existing building. This was a temporary store concept of Colruyt Group, pending the building permit. In 2013, we demolished the old building.

The city wanted the new building to radiate the typical character of coastal architecture.

Thanks to good cooperation with the local authorities and the architect, we managed to integrate the efficient simplicity that Colruyt Lowest Prices strives for into the local style.


The process

2008: Start of negotiations with supermarket owner

2009: Opening CoMarket

2013: Demolition of existing store

2014: Opening new Colruyt store