Who we are

Colruyt Group Real Estate is a multidisciplinary team of experts with more than 50 years of experience.

Together, we meet the real estate needs of all the Group's brands. These include Colruyt Lowest Prices, DreamLand, Dreambaby, Bio-Planet, OKay, DATS 24, Spar, Bike Republic.

The team searches for building plots, takes care of all environmental permits and realises the development of the buildings for Colruyt Group.

Colruyt Group Real Estate | experten-team

Expert team

We are a dynamic team of 25 experts consisting of expansion managers, property managers and back office staff.

Our operations are supported by in-house architects, engineers and project managers.

Colruyt Group Real Estate | winkels en andere gebouwen

Stores and other buildings

We are looking for suitable locations for our various retail formulas.

We also look for building land and develop buildings for our offices, production buildings and training and distribution centres.

We work in Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

Colruyt Group Real Estate | duurzame inovatie

Focus on sustainable innovation

Together with our internal and external partners, we create sustainable and valuable property development.

We do this both by using innovative techniques and materials and by studying new insights.

Colruyt Group Real Estate | partnership

Partnerships van A tot Z

We take into account all the needs and wishes of our partners, both internal and external stakeholders. Because we believe in strong partnerships.

Our operation is efficient, thanks to extensive planning and based on priorities.

We take care of the required administration and permits. We carry out our projects within the predefined budget.

Colruyt Group Real Estate | bewust investeren

Conscious investment

At Colruyt Group we invest in real estate in a sustainable way.

With circular construction - by reusing materials - we significantly reduce the environmental impact of a construction project.

In an ever-changing world, buildings change their function. We are already taking this into account. Thanks to our Built2Reuse strategy, future redevelopment will be easier, cheaper and more environmentally-friendly.

Colruyt Group Real Estate | belgische partner

A Belgian Partner

Colruyt Group is a Belgian family company that has grown over three generations into a retail group with over 30,000 employees and a diverse portfolio of food and non-food formulas in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

Colruyt Group is firmly rooted in society thanks to its strong identity, clear mission and shared values.

Sustainably creating added value together

Working together

Everyone counts. By working together, we achieve more.

We take into account all our employees, customers, suppliers, manufacturers, shareholders and the society in which we operate.

At Colruyt Group Real Estate, we share as much information as possible with the project developers we work with, we support cities and municipalities in organising an information evening for local residents, and we think about a project together.

Sustainable entrepreneurship is in our DNA

We handle raw materials and energy consciously. This is how we make a difference, also for the next generations.

We resolutely opt for green roofs, rainwater for sanitary use, wind and solar energy.

Creating added value is the norm

We aim for maximum added value for the economy, people and the environment. And we respond to changing challenges in society.

That is why in every project we look for the optimal social and urban integration of our building.