Colruyt Group steadily growing in Luxembourg

Colruyt Lowest Prices is switching up a gear and opened a fifth store in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in 2021, this time in Pommerloch. A hamlet of barely 100 inhabitants, but quiet an interesting place with lots of assets. The Knauf shopping centre is a household name in the area and forms the commercial heart of the region. Besides, Pommerloch is just a stone's throw from Belgium, so the store attracts customers from the wider region seven days a week.

Expansion manager Eric Verstraete takes us with him for a visit.

  • Competitive Luxembourg property market
  • Close to the Belgium-Luxembourg border
  • In the middle of a commercial centre

In figures

Smaller is even more appealing

The very first Luxembourg Colruyt, in Mersch, opened its doors in 2008. Our aim is to open 10 stores to serve the entire Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The border region is given priority, while we do intend to also venture more towards the interior. The original plan is always to have 1,500 m² of retail space. We quickly adapt to the competitive market conditions in Luxembourg: smaller premises of 1,000 m², such as in Pommerloch, are also considered.

Appealing to a broad public

Colruyt Pommerloch can be compared to an existing store in Wemperhardt, 28 kilometres to the north. Also located in a border region and with the same store formula. Many Belgian customers from Bastogne and its surroundings prefer to shop in Luxembourg. We offer them a wide range of Belgian products. The local population will also easily come to this store with an adapted assortment of Luxembourg and international brands.

Commercial advantages

You will find the shop across from Knauf Shopping. Knauf is a household name in the region: dozens of chain shops and restaurants are open 7 days a week, including Sundays. We are very pleased with the location and the history of the building. The layout of the shop, the heating system and cooling have already been largely modified by previous tenants.

Things continue to move in Luxembourg

Pommerloch has only just opened and the next project is already underway for Colruyt: in the autumn of 2022 we are planning a sixth store, to the west of the city of Luxembourg. And that is not all. In 2023 we will open our first Bio-Planet. The start of a brand-new chapter in the Luxembourg story.

The course

August 2019: First contacts with Knauf

August 2020: Granting of the building permit

March 2021: Start of the renovation

July 2021: Store opening