Okay Compact responds to the demand for a proximity store in Brussels

In Brussels, the vibrant city district around Thurn en Taxis is the best proof that our capital is continuously renewing. In the buildings, many exhibitions and theme events take place, while large companies open new offices there. Local residents, employees and commuters in the neighbourhood all have the same need: they want to be able to shop nearby.

The adjacent Picardstraat is a logical location for a new OKay Compact. The fifth branch in the capital and the twelfth in Belgium. In a little more than a year and a half and in close consultation with all involved parties, we deliver this project, from the first plans to the official opening of the city store.

Expansion responsible Christophe Roobant explains what makes this project so successful.

  • Assortment adapted to customers that work or live in the neighbourhood.
  • Fully integrated into the city, in a classified building
  • Ideal location, right across from Gare Maritime and Thurn en Taxis

In cijfers

Location, location, location

Finding the ideal location for a new store is a challenge in itself. In any case, the location of the OKay Compact in the Picardstraat in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek only offers advantages. The store is located in a neighbourhood in full expansion, where the demand for real estate is great. Thanks to the recent Suzan Daniel bridge, which crosses the Brussels-Schelde Maritime Canal in the extension of Picardstraat, cyclists and pedestrians can easily reach the store.

Respect for local residents comes first

Throughout the project, we take into account the close neighbours of the store as much as possible.

  • We place soundproofing walls during the renovation works.
  • Together with the municipality of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, we provide clear signs for trucks. That way, they have sufficient space to deliver materials and to not hinder the traffic.

OKay Compact: a renewed formula

The first OKay Compact opens in 2012 in the Brussels municipality of Ixelles. Thus, Colruyt Group makes its ambitions clear: the stores are not only smaller but also closer to the customers. Ten years and just as much experience later, a Pasta Corner is added to the new OKay Compact so that local employees can go there in the afternoon for a quick, simple lunch. Ample choice for customers; filled sandwiches, salads or a variety of different pastas. They can finish their meal with hot coffee.


End 2020: obtain information about the project.

August-September 2021: plans approved.

September 2021: lease contract signed.

January 2022: start reorganisation.

April 2022: opening of the store.