OKay Huizingen

In Huizingen, we found an excellent location for an OKay neighbourhood supermarket, close to the station.

We not only built a store there, but also flats with a view to a green roof.

Expansion manager Roel Beyl walks you through this fine project.

  • Excellent location near the station
  • Interwoven functions: retail and residential
  • Optimal space utilisation of the site
  • Green roof for residents

In figures


An OKay neighbourhood store near the station was decisive for us to invest in this visionary project together with Colruyt Group.

Engineer Chris Van de Ven | evillas project development

Everything starts with a good location

It took a while to find a good location for an OKay neighbourhood supermarket in Huizingen. Until we found this location near the station and not far from an SME zone. The site accommodated a hangar for campers.

We contacted the owners and bought the land in 2007.

Optimal spatial planning

The site was subject to the Delimitation of the Flemish Strategic Area around Brussels. Within the framework of this spatial structure plan, the municipality and the region asked us to make the best possible use of the space and to mix commercial functions with residential ones.

We found a good partner for housing construction. An external architect designed the store with flats on top and adjacent to it. We followed up the design process closely, in close consultation with the residential developer.

Every square metre was used. Based on these plans, we received the building permit in 2010.

Eye for the needs of the residents

When drawing up the plans, we took maximum account of the living comfort of the future flat occupants.

  • We installed a green roof on the shopping car park
  • The flats have separate garage boxes
  • Thanks to a soundproof wall, we reduced the noise pollution from loading and unloading


The process

2007: Purchase of land

2010: Building permit

2011: Start of site

2013: Store opening