Jambes: from old industry to sustainable shops, homes and offices

Today, the perfect site for practical shopping and pleasant living on a rehabilitated industrial site on the banks of the Meuse along the access road to Jambes.

In this borough of Namur, we transformed a 2.25 ha site into an attractive multifunctional and sustainable site, in collaboration with the local government and Cobelba, the contractor.

As well as providing space for housing, stores, offices and a restaurant, we also created pleasant public spaces.

There is a Colruyt, Dreambaby and DreamLand shop, as well as a Collect&Go collection point and a Colruyt Group Academy department.

Eric Verstraete, expansion manager at Colruyt Group Real Estate, explains how the complex project came about.

  • Redevelopment at excellent location
  • Wide range for customers: 5 complementary shops under one roof
  • 9,500 m² sustainable built area
  • Public space
  • Very smooth process thanks to good cooperation with the contractor Cobelba, the municipality of Jambes and the Walloon Region

In figures


Thanks to efficiency and shared expertise, we achieved an innovative, high-quality and sustainable project.

Nathalie Henry | Architect-Project Developer | Cobelba contractors

More shopping fun for Jambes

In 2009, the Colruyt stores in Jambes were bursting at the seams. The car park of the DreamLand store had also become too small. And both Dreambaby and Bio-Planet wanted to open a store in the town. We started looking for suitable sites.

Various new destinations

We found the solution in one large site that was originally an industrial zone. In order to increase the chances of selling, the owners and their estate agent submitted an application to the municipal authorities in 2009 to convert the site into commercial space. The municipal council approved the application on condition that, in addition to the commercial part, there would be space for housing, offices and a restaurant.

The result of this cooperation between the broker, the municipality and Colruyt Group Real Estate is a clear win-win-win situation.

  • For the group, we filled the needs of five brands in one go! We can now even serve the region with a Collect&Go collection point and a Colruyt Group Academy. 
  • The consumer, on his part, only has to drive to one place where he finds five shops under one roof. 
  • The third winner is the local authority by improving the quality of life in its municipality by combining residential, retail and office functions.

Eye for all parties

We think it is important to take into account all users of the site. That is why we looked to achieve the best layout of the site right from the design phase.

In order to provide the residents with a peaceful living environment, we investigated how the commercial area could clearly be separated from the residential area. This was easily achieved by building the shops as a buffer on the side of the main road and the bridge. Deliveries to our stores also take place on that side.

Finally, we created a nice public space between the stores and the residential area. There, everyone who lives, shops or works on the site can enjoy the panoramic view of the river Meuse.


Sustainability is in our DNA. This contemporary site was also built sustainably and equipped with 1,500 m² of solar panels, a 2,000 m² green roof and a rainwater collection system. With this water, we supply a small play pond in the public area of the site. 

Fast? You can say that again!

This mixed combi site was a complicated project, but the whole process was easy and fast. In less than 6 years, it was completed! That is very fast if you know that the average period between the first interviews and the opening of a store is about five years.

The good cooperation with the municipality and the contractor Cobelba contributed to this rapid progress. Cobelba executed both the residential part and the offices and restaurant. We also owed the smooth realisation to the support for this project from the Walloon Region.


The process

2009: The municipality of Jambes accepted a change of use procedure

2010: Colruyt Group is responsible for the commercial part, Cobelba for the residential part

2012: Jambes municipality accepts the change of use

2013: Laying of foundation stone

2015: Opening of the stores

2018: First use of the houses